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31 Jul
July 31, 2012


 (where am I?)

(wait a minute. . . I seem to be lying . . .)

( . . .that’s it, I’m lying on the floor)

(why am I lying on the floor?)

(this is all so confusing)

(enough of this, I’ll just stand up and . . .) Read more →

Elder Zombies

28 Jul
July 28, 2012


Imagine if we went into the community and chose 90 people between the ages of 50 and 100.  Not just any people, but the most fragile and broken souls we could find: Those whose spouse has just died, or who had suffered a disabling stroke, those ignored and abandoned by their children, and the vast legions with ravaged brains who lost their minds to dementia.   Read more →

Death Be Not Loud

19 Jul
July 19, 2012

A Room With A Grim View: The ‘Ambient Despair’ That Marks Life In Assisted Living – by Martin Bayne

12 Jul
July 12, 2012


People my age—I’m now sixty-two—might go to an assisted living facility every now and then to visit an older family member. Facilitated aging is a way of life for a growing number of Americans, more than one million of whom now live in roughly 40,000 such facilities across the country.  – Martin Bayne

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