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25 02, 2013

Ten Things You Need To Know About Assisted Living *

February 25th, 2013|Blog|

    * The author has spent the last ten years as an assisted living facility resident 1. Before you sign the contract, check the Exclusionary Clause. This is the "We can throw you out if " . . .list. It can include incontinence, dementia, and dying. 2. If you use a wheelchair, know that [...]

20 02, 2013


February 20th, 2013|Blog|

    AETATIS ( I-E-ta-tis. Latin "Changing Age") Currently, about 15-20% of Americans who need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are residents of an Institutional Aging Community (IAC). The vast majority of people need assistance, however, (80-85%) live at home, either by themselves or with their families. And unlike IAC's where, assistance [...]

9 02, 2013


February 9th, 2013|Blog|

  Next week marks my 3,652 day as an assisted living resident - my ten-year anniversary as a member of America's Institutional Aging Community. Statistically, only 1 in 25,000 residents over 55 survives that long. And when you  factor into this equation my Young-Onset Parkinson's, Congestive Heart Failure and two Pulmonary Embolisms, the odds become astronomical. [...]