23 09, 2015

Thoughts From My $499/day LTC Bed

September 23rd, 2015|Blog|

I'm back at Phoebe Ministries for another round of recuperative therapy and rehab following my third pneumonia smack-down in as many years. Phoebe, located in Allentown, PA stands as a testament to the concept that skilled nursing care is not an oxymoron. Yes, the food still leaves something to be desired (I was here exactly [...]

19 08, 2015

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

August 19th, 2015|Blog|

LGBT equality groups getting shut out of Pope Francis meeting in Philadelphia Washington Post LGBT groups planning events in Philadelphia around a massive Catholic family gathering there next month – which Pope Francis will attend – say the parish hosting them has reneged after a conversation with local Catholic officials. The news Tuesday follows the announcement [...]

23 07, 2015


July 23rd, 2015|Blog|

There is a well-established relationship between Parkinson's Disease and mental illness. I know. After 20 years of Parkinson, and a life-altering medication mistake by an Emergency Room physician, I've endured my share of neuro-psychiatric demons. I've also felt it's a truism that the "creative brain is a troubled brain," but I've never had the science [...]

15 07, 2015

The Family Of Man

July 15th, 2015|Blog|

As we stand on the brink of extinction, we become mindful. In a Petri Dish, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with seven billion, we become mindful. Living in a house of cards, whose foundation is the threat of terror and the fear of scarcity, we become mindful. Watching children become joy-resistant strains of self-detonating predators, we become mindful. In [...]

16 06, 2015


June 16th, 2015|Blog|

Virtually every day for the last ten years - barring overextended itineraries(hers) or medical emergencies(mine) - I log into Skype about 6:00 AM EST  and place a call to my dearest friend on the planet - Joy Loverde.  Author of The Complete Eldercare Planner. This successful author, mother and eldercare advocate is not only my friend; [...]

9 06, 2015


June 9th, 2015|Blog|

Voices by Martin Bayne​ Wikipedia | NY Times | Washington Post | Health Affairs ​ Recently, I had an insight that has changed the way I think, feel, and respond to nearly every component of long-term care. It all began during a conversation I had five days ago with a fellow resident we’ll call ‘RF’, [...]

12 05, 2015


May 12th, 2015|Blog|

Slowing Down A report from the Slow Lane Two major sources of grief, and one delight have come over my horizon. They haunt me. As much as the world is changing, I have detected very little movement regarding these first two matters. And, I am elated by the last one, a surprising development, which alters [...]

24 04, 2015


April 24th, 2015|Blog|

In 1981, if you had stopped Dr. William Thomas on the street and asked him for a brief summary of stomach ulcers – the Harvard-trained physician would probably have (1) described the anatomy and physiology of the stomach and small intestine, (2) elucidated the likely causative agent of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum and [...]

15 04, 2015

Let’s Make Sure She Hits the Ground Running

April 15th, 2015|Blog|

Dear Ms. Clinton Can you even imagine what it's like to be housed in a facility filled with floors of fellow residents crippled with disabilities and struggling to keep their head above the ambient despair of depression, dementia, and death? I can. Although I'm only sixty-five years old, I've spent the last thirteen of these [...]

13 04, 2015

April 13th, 2015|Blog|

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