Aging and dying – cursed though these two may be – are the primary physiological behaviors we share with all lifeforms: those that swim in the oceans, walk on land and exist in the vacuum of space.

If you live, you will surely age and die.

I get that.

For more than two decades, no one has written more about aging, while living in the belly of that beast.

This is not meant to be boastful or arrogant – just a statement of fact.

I’ve spent more than 5,000 days in assisted living communities as a resident (Early-Onset Parkinson’s) — more than any individual in the current offering of “experts,” authors and consultants.

Where do we go from here?  A hint: three generations of Americans recognize Ronald McDonald, yet we’re still without a spokesperson for sane, efficient, fiscally-sound policies of caregiving and its advocacy.  What do YOU think?

“I want to thank Martin for his commitment to improving long-term care and educating the public . . ..” – Hillary Rodham Clinton Oct. 1999

For more information about Martin’s journey into assisted living advocacy, start here.