There is a new and simple algorithm that describes the challenges of upgrading our current institutional aging facilities – WHAT.


H-Human Potential




The women of color that are the backbone of this country’s network of institutional aging facilities – many of them single parents – are denied a living wage. This creates a “revolving door” phenomenon that cripples moral and destroys any sense of continuity for the residents. This cannot stand.

Human Potential In most Institutional Aging Facilities, “activities” resemble the kinds of games and puzzles you’d find in a third-grade classroom. This reflects the ‘dumbing down’ of the American institutional aging resident. Worse, it reinforces the I AM experience of aging rather than the WE ARE.

BOTH INTER AND INTRA COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES MUST REFLECT THE NEED FOR INSPIRATION, DEDICATION AND EDUCATION. People don’t stop growing, learning and contributing as they age – unless they choose to.

 Advocacy  With the exception of video-recorded physical abuse, aging Americans are without effective advocacy.

We MUST develop a timely, responsive and effective system of advocacy for this nation’s elders.

Technology We already possess the technology to enrich, protect, and educate our elders. WE MUST SEEK IT OUT                                          AND UTILIZE IT.