You can’t understand the PROFUNDITY OF DYING until you’ve shared the experience of watching life slip away from you and/or a fellow human being.

You can’t imagine the UNIQUE LONELINESS that comes from losing a spouse until, at bedtime, you lay down without them for the first time in 45 years.

You have no idea what DEPRESSION means until your first realization that the items on this list have now become your day-to-day existence.

You can’t begin to understand the meaning of DESPAIR until you’ve survived your first Thanksgiving as a widow/er.

You can’t imagine the TERROR AND CONFUSION someone feels when they realize they’ve forgotten their oldest-son’s name.

You have no idea what it’s like to be COMPLETELY IGNORED until you’re wheeled into a hospital without an advocate.

You can’t imagine what it’s like to spend 40 years attempting to break free of TOP-DOWN MANAGEMENT only to find yourself back in top-down management.(assisted living etc)

You can’t possibly understand what it’s like to BE BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS IN THE SHOWER BY THREE AIDES until it actually happens.  (Sad to say, it did, to me.)

It is virtually impossible to avoid some level of caregiving during our lives. Today, as demographics shift and 10,000 boomers turn 65 each day, we prepare ourselves for the second wave of the American Aging Tsunami, where what was once unthinkable becomes the absolute and unavoidable.

martin bayne